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First time visiting our store? We welcome everyone to Bethlehem Box - where our mission is to bring a little piece of the Holy Land to your home and the homes of your loved ones.



Being born and raised with both parents from Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, Elias' family is full of faith. Learning about the old Christian-Palestinian traditions of the Holy Land has always been in the heart of Elias while he was growing up.

His grandfather, a chanter at St. George's Orthodox Church in Flint, Michigan, to whom he had always watched and looked up to, was his inspiration to become a chanter. His passion to become one, lead himself to have a goal of learning Byzantine chant in which has delighted his grandpa and at the same time helped him at the church.

Presently, his grandfather, who's already a retired chanter, now listens to Elias' chant as he became a chanter himself and the choir director of the same church.

Bethlehem Box is a very meaningful brand to Elias as it is a way to keep our Christian family members employed that are living in the Holy Land.



Elena, who grew up in Ukraine, was 7 years old when she began attending church. It was when she was enrolled to an ordinary middle school when she was introduced to Christianity.

It was her teacher, whom she recalls to have the prayer "Our Father" already written on a blackboard and to pray together with her 29 classmates every morning before starting her class, that has sparked her heart for Christianity in which she got inspired to become a chanter at her local church.

When Elena moved to the United States, she decided she will continue to be a chanter. She began attending at St. George's Orthodox Church in Flint where she met Elias. They became friends, and when Elias shared the idea of creating a Christian brand that can help artisans from the Holy Land, she happily supported the idea. This is how our Bethlehem Box was born. 

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